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Cirkus Baldoni is coming to LaMa Glas the 4. of august 2004
The 4. august, at 19.00 you can experience the renowned and children-friendly Cirkus Baldoni hos LaMa Glas. Tickets in advance can be obtained in the glass- shop. This is also the target date for 2 weeks of activities. Look under Event Calendar for more information of the activities



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Kildemarked 2004  7-8. august (Spring Market) - LaMa Glas and Arresø Glas makes open-air glassblowing
Yet again, the 2 local glassblowers has decided to give the guest to this years Spring Market a showcase of the 2.000 year old craftsmanship of glassblowing. The "Spring Market glass" will be sold the following day.

The Spring Market is in Tisvildeleje and the event will take place Sat-Sun. 7+8 August.the 7-8. of august. The market is located by "Sandflugts-monumentet".Se mere om Kildemarked 2004 - klik her
The first Spring Market with stalls and various arrangements and lots of exciting activities for both children and adults was held in 2000 as a revival of the markets that formerly took place near Saint Helene’s Spring

The Spring market is an old market tradition for arts and and handmade crafts, and was the place to sell crafts and other homemade goods to the people whom during centuries has walked to the holy grave of Saint Helene's tomb


Date: 10. July 2004

Jason Brown from Glas-smedjen in Kregme came by and just had to make a little green wineglass.



Hans Friedrichsen from Arresø Glas - here captured by the photographer from Frederiksborg Amts Avis (newspaper) during last years "Springmarket".

Laura Madsen's glass is hot tip in "Alt for Damerne" april 2004 edition

The leading Danish magazine for women, has picked one af Laura Madsens glassworks as a hot tip for shopping. See more under press

Date: 10. april 2004



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